"I have had three surguries, unable to bath. Showers in the tub are a handicap, difficult and treacherous. The tub insert has been a great relief, reducing accidents and anxiety, frequent showers, and without pain."

- Lucille White

"The 12" insert helps me in and out of my bathtub."

- Bill Hyrnchuk

"I haven't felt safer or more independant in my life."

- Audrey

"Very happy with my tub inset, it works well and as a senior makes living on my own safer. Thanks for your excellent works and good luck!"

- Bertha

"What a wonderful discovery "tub cutting" was for us. It allowed us to keep our original tub and convert it to a step in shower, in less than three hours work. And yes, we did it ourselves! It looks wonderful too, we really love it".

- Satisfied Customer, Mrs. Engel, Kelowna BC

"My mother has arthritis and has needed help to bath. Now she can safely and painlessly bath herself."

- Tim

"We were able to do our jacuzzi tub, and can bathe as before with the door panel."

- Catherine

"It's so easy to transfer onto my tub now I have the insert."

- Marion

"Best thing I've bought in my life. Now my daughter doesn't need to help me to get in and out of the bathtub."

- Anna